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GIGmate Guitar Players
gifts for guitarists
"making guitarists happy since 1997"

Customer Comments

Just wanted to say thanks for a cool gift idea and great service. Every year I've been trying to come up with a guitar related gift for my husband. You can only give a guy so many T shirts, and this was about the same price. -
Sandra, Chicago

"I received a Gigmate as a birthday gift from my girlfriend, this thing is great...she's a keeper !"
John, Ohio

"I've been playing out for 25 years and the Gigmate has saved me at gigs more than once - everything's there in one place, thanks for a great product" - by the way, I had to order another one for my son who's learning guitar, so far I think he likes the tools more than the guitar
Joey D, CA

been a Jerry Donahue fan for years and saw your link on his website. Forget fancy gadgets, the gigmate has stuff you actually need
A die hard Hellecasters freak



BP mp3

Jerry Donahue
If you haven't heard Jerry yet, YOU NEED TO ! This master of the Telecaster*, Stratocaster* and any other guitar ( he probably plays a mean kazoo too ) was so taken with the GIGmate he attached it to his gigbag with velcro. Cool idea

Coco Montoya
Coco honed his stunning blues guitar style with the likes of John Mayall. If you get a chance, go see Coco live and say hi from GIGmate .According to Coco a GIGmate is the " next best thing to a roadie"

Walter Trout
Walter is currently touring the US and Europe with his band The Radicals. Check out Walters new CD

Says Walter "GIGmate is so cool, it has everything you need, even a flashlight"


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